Northwest Sarcoma Foundation Apparel


Our Mission: To provide hope, education, and support to anyone affected by Sarcoma in the Pacific Northwest while investing in research to improve cure rates for Sarcomas.

The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation seeks to ensure that everyone who faces Sarcoma in the Pacific Northwest has a care team behind them. Our resource and outreach programs reflect our values:

  • Compassion — Building a supportive and understanding Sarcoma community while providing comfort through our programs.

  • Advocacy — Promote Sarcoma awareness to support early diagnosis.

  • Responsibility — Funding regional and national Sarcoma research to drive advancements towards a cure.

  • Education — Connecting anyone affected by Sarcoma with accurate and reliable resources.

Through prevention education, survivorship, and treatment research, we are fighting to end the devastating impact Sarcoma has on our lives.

Proceeds from the sale of this items will help fund NWSF programs.