Our First 3 Months

Our First 3 Months

January 05, 2018 1 Comment

Today Snarky Cancer turns 3 months old! WOW! What a ride it's been. I must say the learning curve has been STEEP considering we knew NOTHING about design, screen printing or ecommerce beforehand. Hell we still don't know a lot about those things, but I'm pretty proud of what we've done so far:

  • Brought screen printing in house and set up our screen printing portion of Snarky via Mutant Printing and Promotions (www.mutantprinting.com). Mike has rocked this and is teaching Tre the ins and outs.  
  • Learned how to create designs and screen set up through Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Launched our first fundraiser (of what we hope is many) for a family close to our hearts.
  • Grown our Facebook followers to over 650 and our Instagram to nearly 300. Not a lot by some standards, but we are happy with the community we are building online!  
  • Had so much fun, feel a keen sense of purpose and made plans for growth and more community involvement for 2018.

We have SO MUCH more to learn!  SEO, Digital Marketing, Design, different screen printing techniques....but we are excited to take on these endeavors.  Action and Patience are my words of 2018. It will take a lot of both to get us to where we want to be, but the belief and vision are clear in our hearts and minds. 

As you know, we are committed to giving 10% of our retail sales to cancer charities. Our first recipient is Living LFS (www.LivingLFS.org).  For our first two months we sold $992 in shirts. (Yeah, that's SOLD, not MADE...so for those of you thinking a tee shirt biz is a get rich quick thing...think again!).  That's $99.20 that we will donate to Living LFS!  YAY!  We have decided to keep Living LFS as the recipient through the month of January since the majority of our online sales have come from members of the Li Fraumeni Syndrome community and this is our way of saying THANK YOU!  YOU ROCK!!! 

Keep an eye out for more designs, more snark, more giving and lots of love and humor in the next few weeks! If you have designs, colors, shirts styles you would like to see, please reach out to us! We LOVE customer input and feedback. And we're not just saying that. We do.  We can't wait to have you grow with us! 


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August 24, 2019

Love your site and your story. Thank you for sharing your own cancer journey. It’s like we’re all on this sick & twisted rollercoaster where laughter is a priority!
I’m recently diagnosed stage iv and I can’t wait to sport my ‘mets’ baseball shirt!
Thanks for keeping it real and really funny! Xo

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Instant tears in my eyes. And the good kind.

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How Snarky Cancer Came to Be

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