It's About More Than T-Shirts

It's About More Than T-Shirts

March 19, 2018 5 Comments

“You want to start a t-shirt business?” my sister asked with a skeptical tone, when I told her about my idea for Snarky. 


I get why she looked at me like I was crazy. We had talked about a ton of different businesses over the years, but never about this. That was a discussion I always had with my mutants.


In my heart though, I knew it was about SO much more than t-shirts. I mean yeah, we have a print shop in our garage and t-shirts is what we do, but it’s about what they represent. 


Think about it. People wear printed tees to show their love of bands, sports teams, their home town, businesses, the list goes on. Just seeing someone wearing a shirt with your home state on it makes you feel instantly connected to them in some small way.


Cancer is a shit show. It can make you feel powerless, take away your identity, isolate you, devastate you physically, emotionally, financially.


Wearing a shirt that basically gives cancer the finger allows us to take our power back. You feel empowered when you put it on. It’s an instant reminder that you are more than your disease.  Plus it makes you laugh, which is healing in itself. Humor is a necessity when it comes to cancer. 


I received this awesome Facebook message from one of our customers about our shirts:

   “ I officially invited ALL of my internet friends to like the snark. It’s seriously been putting me in such a better headspace! So thank you for creating it!”


It brings us so much joy when we read messages like this.  Or get love notes in the mail like the one below:


We recently had an oncologist purchase our Chemotional shirts for her nurses. One of her staff members messaged us on Facebook to ask for business cards because patients were asking for them.  She said that they (the patients) loved the shirts and it brought smiles whenever they read them.  


YES!  Sitting in an infusion chair, fighting for your life, getting pumped full of poison and being able to smile?  A-FUCKING-MEN! 


This morning when I opened up our business email, there was an email from the recipient of one our t-shirt fundraisers. She emailed me her family t-shirt sizes and her address for us to send her check.  She closed her email with this:

“Thank you for all of your support.  Just to see the people supporting us is breathtaking”


Instant tears in my eyes. And the good kind.


So many times, people want to help but don’t know how.  Fundraiser tees are such and fun and easy way for people to help, not just to show support but financially as well.  


And the families FEEL that.


Each time someone wears a shirt and snaps a pic and tags them or sends it to them, it’s an immediate mood lift.  It reminds them they are loved and supported. 


We received an awesome thank you card from one of fundraiser families.  In it she said that when she saw people in the community wearing those blue shirts, she felt surrounded by love. 


How freaking awesome that we could help in such a small, yet profound way.


I knew in my heart that we needed to bring Snarky to life.  I knew it was about so much more than t-shirts.  It’s about what the t-shirts represent and how they make the person wearing them feel.


Thank you for helping us bring this vision to life.  We will continue to make tees that uplift, empower and GIVE CANCER THE BIG FAT FINGER. 


With love and Snark,






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April 16, 2019

I saw a bumper sticker today that said Fu (cancer ribbon) cancer fuck cancer but can not find it on your site.

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!  ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON FUNDRAISER AND PRE-ORDER SHIRTS!  For slim fit and racer back tees, order a SIZE UP as they run small.  All of our shirts are preshrunk cotton or tri-blends, but there is chance of shrinkage when washed of up to 1/2 size, so please keep that in mind.   You can read about our exchange and return policy here

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