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In August 2016, Chanelle was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). SPS is very rare and even amongst individuals with the disorder, symptoms experienced fall on a wide spectrum. For Chanelle, she has multiple full body spasms daily that completely lock-up her entire body (imagine having a Charlie Horse that takes over your entire body).  The pain is absolutely excruciating and it takes an unbelievable amount of medications to control these spasms.

Chanelle has spent several months in various hospitals, but the majority of time she has been in Wenatchee at Central Washington Hospital. There she has become so popular that the medical staff considers Chanelle and her family part of the ICU “family.Chanelle is still in the hospital (it’s been over 3 months) and is currently recovering from a thymectomy (open sternum surgery). Her doctors are hopeful this surgery will dramatically help her disease, but if not she will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant in Seattle.

To help Chanelle and Matt while Chanelle continues to be off work, her dear college roomie Jamie has created awesome t-shirts for friends and family to wear in support of Chanelle and this insidious disease (a portion of the proceeds will go to Chanelle and Matt to help out as they continue this journey). We wanted the shirts to be personalized to Chanelle. First, the green was selected because, as most of you know, it is her favorite color!! She even had her first truck painted a bright green (which she of course still owns :) and since then green has been incorporated into her life. Next, the symbol depicted on the shirt is actually a tattoo that Matt just had done and it means Second Chance/New Beginnings. This perfectly embodies the message Chanelle and her family live by.

One big way we can all help Chanelle, Matt, and her family is to bring awareness to SPS. SPS is very rare; rare as in only 1 in a Million people are diagnosed with it. Women are twice as likely to have SPS and it is often misdiagnosed. When Chanelle experiences a spasm, she has stiffness in her muscles that impair her mobility and completely paralyze her body. While scientists do not know the cause of SPS, individuals have stated that they can be hypersensitive to smell, noise, touch, sight, and stress. For Chanelle, and others with SPS, medical teams are working to reduce the frequency and duration of spasms. In gaining knowledge about SPS, doctors and nurses are able to make more powerful decisions that will positively impact individuals and families with SPS. 

 The following websites were used to help find statistics about SPS and if you would like to learn more about SPS, please use the links below.

This is a pre-order through 11/5/2019.  Shirts will print and ship 10-14 days AFTER the pre-order ends. 

42 shirts were sold the first fundraiser, raising $378!  CAN WE BEAT IT THIS TIME??

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