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My name is Amy  I am a cancer fighting warrior. I am  48 year, old, have three daughters; Caitlin 21, Harli 15 and Izzabella 14 and have been married to Greg for 22 years.  After my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time she was tested for genetic mutations. She tested positive for a rare genetic mutation called TP53 (a tumor suppressor gene) or Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.  This mutation gives her a high probability of many cancers in her lifetime. There is a 50% chance of passing this mutation to your offspring. My brother and I both test positive. I in turn passed it to my oldest daughter. My brother passed it to his two youngest daughters.

This mutation means that we could have a number of cancers throughout our lives. Once we turn 50, we have a 98% chance of having multiple cancers. We have become test subjects for researchers. We have yearly surveillance full body MRI’s. Along with yearly mammogramsWe also have yearly blood work
In November of 2019 I  had my yearly bloodwork done. My liver enzymes were slightly high so my family doctor ordered a CT scan. The scan found something on my liver. Something was then found on my right kidney. A week or so later, I had another CT scan. This time something was found on my chest wall. Another CT scan was ordered. The pathologist and the doctor were comfortable with waiting six months, then rechecking from growth. In May of  2020 I had a repeat scan. Something new showed up on the scan, so another MRI was ordered for June  30th.I wasn't home thirty minutes when my family doctor called to tell me I had a mass  my left shoulder just above my shoulder blade.
I had my first visit with my oncology surgeon a week later.  Dr. Ried  set up my surgery for July 15. The surgery went really well. I was home later that evening and I had zero pain after surgery. There was a little discomfort but that was it. On July 23rd I had my post op appointment, we found out the results of the biopsy that was taken. I was diagnosed with Liposarcoma, a rare cancer.  I see my Radiation Doctor Tuesday July 28th and then my Oncologist on Aug 12. I know I will have daily radiation five days a week, just don’t know for how long.  
Telling my husband that I had cancer was hard, but nowhere near as hard as it was to tell our children. My oldest is special needs and when giving her bad news you have to give her time to process it. She has been sad and quiet. Our middle child just got very angry and started screaming. Our youngest is a mommy’s girl. She started crying and blubbering that I was going to die. I reminded her that I am a very strong woman and a very stubborn woman. I told her that I know that daddy, her sisters and she all need me yet. 

Let's show Amy our Love and Support! This is a PRE-ORDER through 8/18/2020.  Shirts will print and ship approximately 2 weeks  AFTER the pre-order ends.

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