Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Collection

If you've read our story, you know childhood cancer is a cause near and dear to our heart.  This year we've partnered with a fellow momcologist to raise money for 2 organizations dedicated to making childhood cancer suck a little less.

Mac's mom, Laura, created this heart image with the gold ribbon during one of Mac's inpatient chemo stays.  She has allowed us to use it to spread the word and raise money.  

Please read about Mac’s Story and the charities they have chosen…and don’t forget to GO GOLD this September

Capes and Crowns Foundation 

Capes and Crowns is an amazing non-profit organization that offers professional photography services at no cost to children and families living with serious illnesses. Their mission is to bring joy during difficult times, and that is certainly what they did for Mac and his family. Mac’s photo shoot was done a week before the removal of his right tibia and has been a source of inspiration reminding Mac of his inner strength and that he will be walking again in no time

Children's Cancer Association

Mac  a 12 1/2 year old who was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma on Valentine's Day, 2018.  Mac's treatment is intense and he spends at least half the month inpatient at Doernbecher's receiving chemotherapy treatment.  Mac has felt very isolated throughout treatment, wishing to of course be hanging out with friends and going to school.  Mac's parents asked time and again at the beginning if Mac would like a Chemo Pal, a program his parents heard about early on in their journey.  A Chemo Pal is a mentor who is matched specifically for each child with whom they can play games, share ideas and hobbies, watch movies and offer companionship which can lift spirits and reduce anxiety during inpatient admissions.  As Mac began withdrawing more and more from all things social and refused to leave his room during treatment, Mac finally agreed to give a Chemo Pal a try.

Mac was matched with the most perfect mentor and their matching story is a great one.  Mac loves all things "geek" and had requested someone who liked Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Legos and Comics.  A request went out at the CCA office and a staff member offered to be his mentor within 10 minutes of the request being sent!  They were a PERFECT^ match!  Dustin, his Pal, comes to visit as often as Mac would like and they talk gaming strategy, play trivia, and plan activities to do outside of the hospital. 


In addition to Chemo Pal's, CCA also supports My Music Rx; a program that offers the healing power of music to kids at the bedside by bringing instruments and voice to reduce anxiety and help ease the perception of pain.  

Perhaps one of the biggest treats of all for Mac's family has been The Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin. A cabin that provides children and families that are in treatment, with an extraordinary place to retreat, relax and create memories outside of the hospital.  Mac has not been able to participate in any activities outside of chemo since his diagnosis.  While Mac's friends spent the summer playing outside and traveling, Mac spent it getting chemo.  The Caring Cabin offered he and his family a long weekend vacation where they relaxed for her perhaps the first time since diagnosis, laid in the sun, played pinball, watched movies and spent time together outside of the hospital with family and friends.  

Mac and his family have chosen both CCA and Capes & Crowns Foundation as their fundraising choice due to the direct help they have received which has helped make Mac's life (and therefore his parents) a little easier throughout their cancer journey. 


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